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Transport DRIVERS


Thank you SO much for being willing to make an impact in our dog's lives.  Without you, our dogs would never find their forever home.  Make the best of this trip.  Be safe and have fun!


General Requirements:

  • All stops should be made at a well-lit gas station with a grassy area if you are taking the dogs out.

  • One potty stop is REQUIRED.  This is  non-negotiable.​

    • When potting the dogs, always use two points of contact!  That means a slip lead and a regular leash. This is also required.

    • The only dogs who should not be taken out to potty is if they are scared dogs who you struggle to get out of their kennels. If they are scared, leave them be so you don’t end up getting bitten or have a dog escape. 

  • Dogs should NEVER be left in the vehicle or left unattended.  One person must remain with the vehicle at all times


  •  If it is hot out, have the van running (including all fans) and the A/C blasted prior to and while loading dogs.  

    • Fans should be on anytime it’s hot out and remain on while dogs are in the vehicle.​

  • Keep the vehicle door closed, except when loading dogs to maintain the cool air and keep bugs out. 

  •  If a dog is scared or showing signs of fear reactivity, use the leash as a muzzle and once the dog is in the crate, do not remove the dog until you arrive at you destination.  (see images below)

    • ​Worst case, you can cut the crate out of one van and add it to the other, but this is significantly time consuming and should only be used in extreme emergencies. 


Leash 2.png
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