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Have you heard the Dos Equis commercials about the most interesting man in the world? They're creative and funny, sometimes make no sense at all ("He thinks squirrels are untrustworthy.") - and are incredibly effective. 


We need to do the same for every dog in our care, and it all starts with their bio - their first story. The first story you ever tell about a dog will stick with him or her for the rest of the time they are in your care – and possibly the rest of their life.  It’s on our website, it’s on  our sites, like Petfinder, and it’s usually on all our social media in some form.   


We can not express to you how important the information you provide us is so we can help tell the dog's story. 

!!IMPORTANT!!  Please read below before submitting any information!

1.  BEFORE you submit a bio or any information relating to your foster dog, please read the section, Bios: Before you Begin.  This will provide you with great tips for what information should be provided, how it should be provided, and the best photos to submit. 


2. The software we use for processing applications is not set up for submitting bios for dogs.  However, this is is the easiest way to keep track of bios and auto email them to the coordinators adding the bios to our site.  We are using a modified foster template to do this.  PLEASE know that as you submit the bio, there will be some references made to fostering dogs that we can not modify.  Please disregard this and focus on just providing detailed responses to the questionnaire.

3. Once you have clicked the link below and submitted the dogs bio and personality information, you will further be required to submit 6-8 QUALITY photos of your dog to Again, please reference Bios: Before you begin for what photos are acceptable.  It helps if you provide photos of only the dogs face, their entire body, the dog with other dogs, cats, and/or kids, and the dog next to something everyone can relate to size-wise in order to show how big/small the dog is in relation to that item. (Example: Dog next to a soccer ball.) 


  • This application MAY not work on some mobile devices. 

  • It is recommended the application be completed using Chrome browser. 

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