Meet Our Team

Mandy Lewis - Founder and President

Lindsey Decker - Vice President, Professional Dog Handler

Krystal Heinze - Foster Coordinator

Melissa Thurlow - Owner Surrender Coordinator/Records Coordinator

Amber Pribbenow - Transport Coordinator/Records Manager and Director

Barb Van Asten - Applications/Adoption Coordinator and Director

Vanessa Williams - Force-Free Dog Trainer

Kristina Rosina - Force-Free Dog Trainer

Jill Rodgers Kiesow - Communications Editor

Albert's Dog Lounge has an amazing team of over 60 experienced friends and colleagues that have a genuine desire to help senior and special needs dogs find their forever homes. We believe in dog safety, quality of life, commitment, loyalty, love, training, passion, education and a better life for all senior and special needs dogs. We genuinely believe that old dogs make great new friends.