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Adoptable Dogs

According to a Dogtime survey, the absolute hardest pets to adopt out are older dogs.

Maybe you are reluctant to adopt a senior dog because you fear that your time with your new best friend will be short, bringing that painful time of loss closer. But the privilege of loving a senior dog makes every single day special, as you and your companion share love, friendship, and a special relationship that grows stronger with the knowledge that you have given this fine old dog a second chance at life. The love that grows from this knowledge is stronger than the pain of eventual separation.

So spread the word! Adopting a senior dog is a wonderful experience for you and your new dog. You will gain a faithful companion. You will save a life.


Old dogs make great new friends! 

Albert's Dog Lounge is a foster-based rescue providing compassionate care to special needs, senior, and hospice dogs.

Check out adoptable dogs on Petfinder: Pets for Adoption at Albert's Dog Lounge, in Whitewater, WI | Petfinder

Check out our adoptable dogs on Adopt-a-Pet: Albert's Dog Lounge in Whitewater, WI -

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