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About Us

Our founders' lives changed forever when a little senior dachshund named Albert arrived in Wisconsin in 2016 and found himself homeless.  Inadvertently put on a transport with no secure foster destination, Albert had nowhere to go. It was quickly decided that this tiny guy, who was suffering from congestive heart failure and years of neglect, absolutely had to find a home and a loving family....and find one he did.  Not only did he find himself a home, but by charming the pants off everyone he met and stealing hearts with his Facebook shenanigans, he inspired Mandy and Darren to help hundreds of other old dogs find homes as well.

Over the first seven months in his new home, Albert's spirit and little antics won him a plethora of Facebook followers.  When Mandy and Darren initiated a fundraiser to expand their footprint in rescue, Albert's story inspired many to help. The dream was to convert a two-car garage into a retreat for dogs needing space and time to decompress and adjust to new lives. It would be called Albert's Dog Lounge.


Unfortunately, shortly after the fundraiser kicked off, Albert passed suddenly.  Devastated, Mandy and Darren's mission became clear: In Albert's memory, they would do even more to help senior and hospice dogs like the little one who had so greatly enriched their lives.  In late 2017, Albert's Dog Lounge went from being a foster space in a converted garage to a 501c(3) non-profit rescue. This small team began rescuing seniors with the goal of helping fifty (50) seniors, special needs, and hospice dogs in their first year. 

At the end of 2018, the lives of 139 very special canines (and countless humans) were impacted thanks to the support received from Albert's friends, family and followers.  In 2020, 586 lives were impacted.  Albert's Dog Lounge has grown from a couple of friends with a mutual passion to a group of more than 150 dedicated volunteers and foster families.


Featured on a news segment on several stations in Wisconsin, in several papers, and on a local radio station, we have been able to share and grow our mission and goals. We were able to purchase a transport van to rescue seniors and special needs dogs from Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Texas, with our list of rescue partnerships growing daily.  


Because of one little dog's inspiring spirit, we have been able to accomplish far more than we ever hoped and, in his honor, we will continue to show that old dogs really do make great new friends!

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