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Adoption Policies

Our goal is to place our seniors into permanent, loving homes for the rest of their golden years. The information you provide on your application will assist us in determining the best dog for you and your lifestyle. 

About Adoption Fees

We pride ourselves on providing proper, quality care for the dogs in our rescue program and being fully transparent to our supporters and adopters.  Rarely do dogs arrive at Albert's Dog Lounge having been fully vetted, and, in almost every case, they have special needs and/or require additional medical attention to become happy and healthy again.

​Our adoption fees generally represent only a fraction of each dog's rescue and veterinary care costs. We feel fortunate to have veterinary partners who have graciously coordinated with us to provide outstanding care to our dogs, and we appreciate their time, support, and expertise.   

While we work diligently to keep our costs as affordable as possible, it is only realistic and responsible to expect to pay fairly for the services and care our dogs each need and deserve. 

Your adoption donation also helps to provide continued veterinary care for the dogs still waiting to be adopted.

You are not buying a dog.  You’re donating to help save multiple lives!

Albert's Dog Lounge Adoption Policies 


Albert’s Dog Lounge is a 100% foster-based non-profit dog rescue primarily focused on seniors, special needs, and hospice dogs.


All applicants must be 21 or older.


Please do not apply to adopt one of our dogs if they will not live in your home with you as a family member, be kept indoors during the day or any extended time without supervision, or if the dogs you currently own are being kept outside.  Dogs must not be left outdoors for lengthy periods of time or left unattended outdoors. (i.e., Dog should not be kept outdoors while you are at work during the day.)


Before adoption, all dogs will be spayed/neutered and provided the following: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella, a microchip, preventatives for both heartworm and flea/tick, evidence of a negative heartworm test or evidence of treatment following the National Heartworm Societies recommended protocol, a health certificate issued by a veterinarian, and evidence of any additional medical treatment deemed necessary by Albert’s Dog Lounge. This includes but is not limited to, biopsies, pathologies, cytology, histopathology, surgical notes, blood panels, etc. Albert's Dog Lounge does not guarantee any medical treatments or surgical procedures. Heartworm treatment is only about 95% effective. There is always a risk (Around 5%) when you adopt a dog who has been treated for heartworm, which is that you will be required to provide further/additional treatments down the road. Albert's Dog Lounge believes in quality of life. We spend, on average, approximately seven hundred dollars plus on each dog to get it healthy and ready for adoption. However, we will not provide "optional" surgeries for dogs if not deemed medically necessary or if the issue is not affecting their overall quality of life. Examples of optional surgeries include, but are not limited to, minor luxating patella, minor ACL issues, lipomas (fatty tumors) and lumps that are not affecting the dog's quality, etc. If the dog can be treated with medications and/or is comfortable, we avoid anesthetizing seniors whenever possible. Dentals are only provided when the dog has Grade 3 to 4 dental disease, the dog has infections, or broken teeth. Not all dogs will receive dental treatment. Only the more serious cases will get dental care, and adopters will agree that they understand the importance of dental care and will continue to get dental work done for their senior dogs in the future.


Albert’s Dog Lounge does not do same-day adoptions.


Unless otherwise noted, all dogs have an adoption fee of $300 for a single dog or $550 for a (bonded) pair. Pairs must be adopted at the same time to get the reduced adoption fee.


We accept applications from within the following areas: Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Eastern Iowa, and Eastern Minnesota. We only do adoptions within a 5 (five) hour radius of our headquarters in Whitewater, WI, unless otherwise approved. All potential adopters are expected to come and meet their new potential family members once approved. We do not ship or deliver dogs. We do not adopt dogs as gifts to others.


All dogs in the applicant's household must be spayed/neutered, receive routine wellness exams, and be up to date on vaccines unless under the guidance/recommendation of a certified veterinarian. Indoor cats must be spayed/neutered and up to date on rabies. Outdoor cats must be spayed/neutered.


No adoption will be formalized until you have met with the animal. All family members must meet the dog unless approved otherwise.


All applications received will be processed with the dog's best interests in mind to ensure a successful adoption for your family.  We do not hold dogs once they are placed in foster care. Even if you seem like the perfect match for a particular dog, we will not hold a dog in a foster home to wait for you to get approved. It is not fair to the dog should another equally good match be approved and want to adopt.  Similarly, we will not hold on to a dog for you to schedule a meet and greet with the dog. We ask for a meet and greet to be scheduled within 48 hours of formal approval once approved for a specific dog. Once you have met the dog and determined it is a match, we can only hold them for an additional 24 hours unless approved by the board of directors in advance. It is unfair to the dog, the foster home, or another needy dog waiting to come to the rescue. We strongly recommend that you get approved before you see a dog you want so that you will be ready when the right match comes along.


After receiving your application, it will be processed for a veterinarian check (as applicable), a background check, and personal reference checks (as deemed necessary).


There will be a home visit for all dog adoptions. This may be done in-person or virtually, as determined by the adoption coordinator.


Most of our volunteers and foster families work full-time and have families and pets of their own, so please be patient. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


Our dogs have not been trained as individual therapy companions and cannot be adopted for this purpose.


It is understood that Albert’s Dog Lounge assumes NO responsibility for damage to property or to injuries caused by the said dog to persons or other pets once the adoption is formalized. Albert’s Dog Lounge has made every reasonable effort to screen potentially aggressive or dangerous dogs. However, no claims, assertions, or guarantees are made regarding the predictive reliability of said dog’s personality or behavior. Albert’s Dog Lounge does not give any warranties covering the health or temperament of any dog (neither expressed nor implied).


All adoptions are on a two-week trial period. Any time within those two weeks, said dog may be returned for a full refund of the adoption fee. If, after this two-week trial, the dog does not work out, the dog must still be returned to Albert’s Dog Lounge. No refund will be given outside of the two-week trial period.


All adopters are required to sign a contract at the time of adoption, agreeing to the above-mentioned, as well as the following: The dog will wear a safe collar or harness with rabies tags and have up-to-date personal identification tags on at all times with the adopter’s information, including name, phone number, and a second contact number. The dog will be provided with fresh food and water, daily exercise, and adequate time and attention to ensure its good emotional health. The adopter will agree to contact Albert’s Dog Lounge IMMEDIATELY in the event the dog becomes lost. In addition, the adopter makes all reasonable efforts to find the dog, such as posting signs, placing an ad in the local papers, and visiting animal control facilities. The dog will be kept up to date on all shots, flea prevention, any necessary licensing, and on heartworm prevention throughout the year. The dog will visit a veterinarian at least once per year for shots and an annual health check, and the adopter will agree to be responsible for any vet bills incurred for the life of this dog and the contract with Albert’s Dog Lounge. The dog will be kept safe from predators and unsafe situations. At NO TIME should the dog be used for or in the training of dog fighting animals or otherwise placed in dangerous or life-threatening situations.


Albert’s Dog Lounge reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone for any reason. All adoption decisions are confidential and final.


If you are going on vacation or moving, please apply AFTER YOU RETURN or when settled into your new home, unless you are applying for preapproval and/or are willing to wait.


Albert’s Dog Lounge will take in local owner surrenders when there is foster availability. Albert's Dog Lounge does not require an owner surrender fee but encourages a donation toward the care of your pet being surrendered. An owner surrender form is required, along with any copies of vet records for the past three years. The owner will be required to take the dog to the foster home unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by both parties. Unfortunately, we cannot intake any dogs with a bite risk, bite history, and/or dogs that are not people or dog-friendly.

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